суббота, августа 27, 2016

Раннее утро в церковном саду

A friend asked me, "What's the quality of life for you?"

My Quality of Life Indicators:
To get lost in the flow of time and space,
and whisper my prayers into God's ear. 
Communion. Belonging. Dance Divine.

Asking for nothing, but enjoying 
the forms and shapes of His design
that awaken in me a new depth and delight.

Exploring the inner landscape of the soul, 
Suddenly becoming present in own myself. 
Surrendering to the radiance of beauty.

3 комментария:

  1. Yes, wanting nothing and asking nothing! I truly believe that this is the way to be totally happy. ...and whisper my prayers into God's ears....

    I am deeply touched by this post! Thank you very much from my soul and heart for this post!!!

    1. Thanks, Kaya!
      I usually don't post in English in this blog, but this time I felt like sharing...

  2. До чего ж красиво!... И близко мне...